Shopping for your favorite e-cigarette brands has never been this simple.

Vape Vending Machine

Try a Vape Vending Machine and Avoid the Headache

Forty seconds. With us at Lou Square, that's all the time it takes to get your vape product from a disposable vape vending machine. That's 40 seconds to choose from our huge selection of vape pens, flavor pods, parts, and rechargeable devices of all the premium brands. That's 40 seconds where you can pay easily with contactless, since our machines accept all major bank cards and digital wallets. You know what those 40 seconds don't involve? The headache. They don't involve waiting in lines, awkward small talk with any vendors, pushy upselling, high prices, or just not being able to find what you're looking for because the store is a mess. With us, it's all contained in a single machine. The products are right there, the payment is right there, and it's all clearly marked and visible. Nowadays, you can make comedy genius in just 6 seconds of video. You can get over a million follows with a 10 second sample of music. Every second counts; you can make magic in your life with each one. So, when we cut down transaction times to just 40 seconds, it's not just convenient; it's opening up more time for what really matters to you.

That's how easy everything is when you shop with us at Lou Square. We keep our prices lower than the average to account for our customers coming back and spending more anyway. That's how we make things financially easy for you. Our premium cheap disposable vapes available all over Florida through our e-commerce online shop, which is how we make it physically easy for you. And we carry tons of exciting flavors and quality brand options, which is how we make the enjoyment easy for you to find. And it's all available in 40 seconds. You've probably taken longer to read this than 40 seconds; that's how fast you can buy your vape products with us.

Like a Vending Machine for Vapes, But Better

It's a similar deal, but Lou Square Stores offer more variety, convenience, and security than any vending machine out there. You'll find dozens of models and flavors to choose from in any of our Stores. We also position our Lou Square Stores in key areas of cities, places that most people walk by at least a couple of times a week. That way, you're not going out of your way to find that all-around better alternative to typical cigarettes. You can just swing by us on your way to wherever.

That won't take long, by the way. In the true spirit of "sort of like a vending machine for vapes," we've made the process quick and clean. Our customers average 45 seconds for a transaction. In other words, you can order your vape and be back on the move in less time than it takes to tie your shoes.

But we're not here sacrificing responsibility for the sake of convenience. That 45 seconds includes a careful verification process to make sure that only people of age can use one of our Lou Square Stores. There is no way to purchase anything off one of our vending machine for vapes without first proving you're 21 or over. And our Stores don't "look the other way sometimes," like some less trustworthy shops out there. If you're reading this and under 21, you're in the wrong place; we'll be here to help if and only if you choose our products as a legal adult.

Only adults are saying "Find me at Lou."

A Range of Flavors and Brands On Our Vape Vending Machines

There's too many reasons to go through for what makes e-cigarettes the new and improved successor to cigarettes. They're better value for money, have fewer side effects, and they also expose you to less than half the number of chemicals as traditional cigarettes. But, most importantly, they just offer a more varied experience. E-Cigarettes come in a much bigger variety, with more ways to enjoy them. They're not just a way to get a nicotine fix; they're actually desirable for their taste too. They just taste better.

Here are some of the flavors you can get from one of our disposable vape vending machines:

  • Grape
  • Blueberry
  • Blueberry Lemonade
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry & Kiwi
  • Strawberry & Watermelon
  • Lychee Ice
  • Apple
  • Tropical Fruits

That doesn't even cover the full list. And these are available in all the major brands, such as MiO, RELX, FreeMax, Uwell, and Juul.

Check Out Our Locator to Find Your Nearest Vape Vending Machine

You can click on "Find Me @ Lou" above to see where your nearest vape vending machine is. You can also check out our online vape shop in Florida while you're here and benefit from our next day delivery. We also have a vape subscription box to try out new and exciting flavors every month. And if you're located and is in need of vape shops Miami, we might even be able to get your products to you in the next hour.

If you have any questions regarding our disposable vape vending machine, simply go to "Contact" and fill out our short email form. We'll get back to you before 12 hours have passed.

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Sawgrass Mills
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